Al Adraktrading & contracting llc


Having initially launched with a focus on the building construction sector, Al Adrak LLC has since diversified into the rapidly expanding infrastructure and industrial segments. We have scaled up our technical and professional capabilities with our sights on the multitude of contacting opportunities presented by Oman’s ongoing economic development. We are confident of making successful in roads into critical infrastructure areas, such as the construction of roads, bridges, airports, high rise buildings, and other major undertakings. At the same time our in -house resources continue to grow as we take on more challenging tasks. Our core team of engineers is becoming truly multidisciplinary with a breadth and depth of expertise the breadth of our engineering construction experience, as well as the diversity and size of projects, is extensive.

Al Adrak LLC has successfully completed a multitude of civil engineering, electro-mechanical and infrastructure projects for the government and the private sectors. Our project portfolio covers Government major ministries as the biggest clients for the construction. Over the years, Al Adrak LLC has built an impressive client base that includes almost all of the Ministries and Government departments of Oman. We have also catered for selected private corporate clients for their corporate office buildings, showrooms and other development projects.

Our project portfolio also includes comparatively complex undertakings, notably the Distribution piping of Common Cooling Water System (CCWS) for Small Industry Users in the Port of Sohar (biggest diameter pipeline in Oman) – an initiative of the Ministry of National Economy.

With projects worth over $200 million in contracts and expanding by over 40% every year, Al Adrak is poised to secure its place among the top tier contractors in Oman. As we continue to grow, the founding philosophies of passionate commitment to quality and on-time delivery of projects are more pertinent than ever. By building cohesive and creative relationships with both the clients and the employees, Al Adrak continues to guarantee steady growth well into the future

With close to three decades involvement in the construction industry, Al Adrak has proved itself to be a reliable partner for all your building construction requirement. Our extensive client list and previous projects bear testament to the quality of our work. From the villas that cater to individual tastes to magnificent government buildings to state of the art technologically advanced buildings, Al Adrak has successfully been a partner in variety of ventures.
The dedicated team of Al Adrak engineers ensure that even the most challenging steel structure constructions are completed on schedule to the total satisfaction of the client. The company keeps itself abreast of all the latest advancements in structural engineering and prides itself in being the first mover in several technologies in the Sultanate.
Al Adrak has been involved in small and large scale infrastructure construction since its inception. The roads, parks, corniches etc constructed in the early days of Al Adrak continue to serve undiminished bearing proof of our commitment to delivering only the best. Al Adrak ventures to be an active partner in nation building. Infrastructure projects therefore hold a special place in our repertoire.
Bridges and dams are two examples of the grandest achievements of human genius in the field of construction. Al Adrak was fortunate to be part of the construction of dams and bridges that have directly served the progress of the nation. Our engineers and construction team take care to place safety and strength as top priorities when it comes to our projects.
Al Adrak relishes challenging construction projects that can provide maximum benefit to the client and the society. Our expertise and experience in the arena of pipeline, water and sewage treatment plants is second to none. The Al Adrak team keeps track of the best practices adopted in different parts of the world and uses them as a launch pad to create our own unique solutions to all the seemingly tough situations that arise during such projects.
With our expertise and experience, we hope to bring the greatest satisfaction to the client for those special projects that cannot be easily categorized. Since client satisfaction is our guiding spirit, customer needs and demands determine the scope of the project for us. Unique demands help us sharpen our unique skill set.
Al Adrak’s dedicated MEP team is always ready to take up challenging projects associated with Electromechanical and HVAC works. From secure datacenters to immense pipelines, our team has tackled a wide variety of projects differing in capacity, size and requirements.