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CBO project is one of the first of its kind in Oman. The structure itself is unique as it stands 35m tall for B+G+4, which is double the height of the normal building of same floors. A special Structure meant for safe store of currency, is a 1m thick concrete cubicle with a special twisted steel plate inserted between regular reinforcement and embedded with high sensitive, sensors and cables for detecting even the minute sound and vibrations inside the vault. The level of security features adopted is again the first time in Oman. Every system the Building (COWI from Oman), the data center (HP from UK), Security system (by STET, Singapore), all were designed and supervised by separate consultants and are from around the Globe. More than 50,000 cables are patched in the 4thfloor; Dual cooling system, Dual power and Dual stand with 4 no: of 3000kva with a complete UPS back up, dual telephone and network system (Oman tel and Nawras).