Al Adraktrading & contracting llc

From schools and government buildings to sports complexes and car showrooms, we have created enduring landmarks that attest to our capabilities and high standards. As a result, our clients in the government and private sector have turned to Al Adrak LLC for their engineering construction needs repeatedly.

Project Planning and Execution

Any pursuit of excellence demands an efficient approach. Accordingly, every project at Al Adrak LLC is committed to with a sense of mission with the ultimate goal of ensuring delivery on schedule, within budget and to the customer’s expectations. As a first step, a special core team is constituted to oversee the management and execution of the project from the outset. The team consists of

  • Project Leader,
  • Project Manager,
  • HSE Advisor,
  • QA/AC Manager,
  • Planning Engineer,
  • Multidisciplinary Construction Engineers
  • Support Function Heads.

Each team member has well defined responsibilities based on a broad spectrum project execution plan developed by the project leader. At the same time, the required manpower is quickly requisitioned and deployed at the site. So are the required hardware and support facilities, in the form of equipment, plan machinery, construction materials and so on.

This meticulous planning and preparation allows for a smooth commencement of the project work. Also as an abundant safeguard, periodic (monthly) checks are part of the management process to verify the progress of work and to correct any deviation from the project implementation timeline. All the while our QC engineers are constantly on hand to ensure that the quality of the construction reflects the highest standards in the industry.